Stones & Crystals

  • Amethyst


    I am power, I am temperance, I am peace

    As violet as a twilight sky, I am both powerful and peaceful; I encourage temperance, and boost mindfulness.

  • Amber

  • Amazonite


    I am life, I am energy, I am adventure

    A symbol of wildness and adventure, I provide guidance for all those who seek to explore new depths.

  • African Lionskin Schiller Jasper

    African Lionskin Schiller JasperCourage, Stamina, ProtectionAs fierce and protective as the lion for which it’s named, African Lionskin Schiller Ja...
  • African Jade Buddite

    African Jade Buddite
    Grounding, Connection, Understanding
    As soothingly green as a rainforest, African jade buddite is both alluring and powerful.