African Lionskin Schiller Jasper

African Lionskin Schiller Jasper
Courage, Stamina, Protection
As fierce and protective as the lion for which it’s named, African Lionskin Schiller Jasper

African Lion Schiller Jasper
is both beautiful and strong. This stone has been used for centuries as a protective talisman;
many use it to alleviate fears and to channel the courageous energy of the lion.
Interestingly, though it’s called jasper, this stone is actually not jasper at all— it’s a
combination of tiger’s eye and clear quartz. As such, this stone contains the power of each of
these minerals, while containing powerful abilities all its own.
Lionskin jasper promotes courage and bravery. It can both dissolve fears, and
strengthen us to move past fears that once seemed insurmountable. This stone also
encourages stamina; with lionskin jasper, we can go further than we ever thought we could.
Perseverance and resilience are improved when this stone is around.
Like tiger’s eye, this stone enhances mental clarity, brings harmony to our emotional
states, and balances extreme opposites. And like clear quartz, lionskin jasper heals and
cleanses any environment. It absorbs and dissolves negativity, and leaves us feeling refreshed
and healed.
Known for its protective properties, lionskin jasper is powerful at blocking negativity and
toxicity. This stone protects us from negative extremes, and strengthens us to fight against
anything that stands in our way on our journey to self-discovery.
Jasper in general is made up of microscopic quartz and chalcedony. Nearly every
ancient civilization used jasper, both in religious ceremonies and jewelry. Many Native American
cultures knew this stone as “the rain bringer.” In ancient Norse mythology, the magic sword of
Siegfried the dragon slayer hard jasper inlaid throughout, which gave him the courage to slay
Jasper is sometimes called “The Supreme Nurturer.” Many people use this stone for its
supportive and sustaining powers. It’s said that jasper can help us to move through difficult
challenges and grow from the experience. This stone also promotes peace and holistic well-
Many use jasper to cultivate a sense of stability. Its grounding and peaceful energies
bring a feeling of security to any environment. This stone is known for its ability to boost
organization, motivation, and focus. Jasper helps us to actively engage with our own lives

African Lion Schiller Jasper