I am power, I am temperance, I am peace

As violet as a twilight sky, I am both powerful and peaceful; I encourage temperance, and boost mindfulness.


Ancient and lovely, I am a stone of honor, 

A stone of serenity.

I was named for a Greek maiden,

Fleeing from a god.

Amethystos--valiant enough to fight,

Wise enough to resist.

I carry her legacy within me.

I am a stone of greatness;

My color brings to mind royalty,

High callings and gentle elegance.

I am the gemstone of kings and queens.

My violet hue, deep as wine, 

Is a symbol, a reminder, of majesty.

A symbol of rarity and nobility;

A symbol of a higher purpose.

I am power, I am temperance, I am peace.

I am Amethyst.