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I am acceptance, I am healing, I am ascendance.

The remains of flowing lava, I am shaped by my past; I help with accepting and overcoming grief. 


I was born in a volcano, in a desert.

A relic of passion; blazing anger,

Flaming devastation.

Look at my shape--can you see the lines?

I flow, like a river; like tears.

I was formed by the fiery trial I came from.

Cooled quickly, I am the shape of affliction.

The image of my own movement;

A symbol of learning from sorrow, 

Of forging myself from my past. 

I am sharp and durable--like grief,

Like understanding.

I am a reality; sad, but gentle,

Beautiful and necessary.

I am acceptance. I am healing. I am ascendance.

I am Obsidian.

Tumbled Obsidian