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Blue Tiger Eye


I am danger, I am ferocity, I am pride

A symbol of strength and protection, I am named for the tiger, and I carry its ferocious power.

Blue Tiger Eye 

There is something about me--

Something strange, something beautiful;

Something dangerous, but so very unique.

I am named for the tiger, the ruler of the jungle.

Can you see it?

I glisten, I shine, I catch the light;

Like the glimmering eye of a tiger

Protecting her cubs.

I, too, am strong, protective.

I take pride in my strength.

I am not to be trifled with, and neither are you.

We are fierce, and we are powerful.

Radiant as the ferocious tiger,

With the energy of the wilderness.

I am danger, I am ferocity, I am pride.

I am Tiger Eye.

Blue Tiger Eye