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Blue Lace Agate


I am intricacy, I am peace, I am beauty

I am a stone of great beauty and delicacy-- a reminder of the power in diligence and effort.

 Blue Lace Agate

Perhaps I remind you of a doily,

Perhaps a delicate lace veil.

My pattern is soothing, calm, graceful;

Like a swath of lace, I am intricate

And lovely.

I am a stone of grace and beauty,

A stone of diligence.

Like hands that spend restless hours

To create something so exquisite

Out of something as plain as thread;

I am a stone of simplicity made lovely.

A symbol, a reminder,

Of the power of diligence;

Of resilient effort.

I am intricacy, I am peace, I am beauty.

I am Blue Lace Agate.