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Blue Kyanite


I am desire, I am delicacy, I am growth

My delicate strands stretch and reach outward; I am a lovely symbol of yearning, searching and upward growth.

 Blue Kyanite

Growing. Stretching.

Reaching out, yearning.

My shards grow like arms;

I stretch toward the sky, searching

For something beyond my reach.

There is joy in the wanting,

Just as there is joy in the receiving.

I am delicate, but strong enough

To move ever upward, ever outward.

I am a symbol

Of the search, the desire.

We must never stop searching,

Yearning for something more.

It is the reaching that stretches me.

It is the reaching that lets me grow.

I am desire, I am delicacy, I am growth.

I am Kyanite.Blue Kyanite