Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite
Manifestation, Awareness, Wisdom

Blue Apatite
As blue as a wintry dusk sky, blue apatite is a crystal of intense beauty and power. The icy blue color is a symbol of the serenity and strength that lies within each of us. Blue apatite helps us to discover and access those qualities within ourselves, and share them with the world around us.
Blue apatite is named for the ancient Greek mythological being Apate, who was the personification of deceit. This stone gets this name because people often mistook the crystal for something else— usually beryl or peridot. Blue apatite is made up of calcium phosphate, and can be found in Russia, Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, and Mexico.
This crystal is sometimes called the Stone of the Future; it’s said that apatite helps its user to see ahead and plan for major events and changes in their lives. Many use blue apatite to manifest their dreams and desires into reality. This stone can help us to clearly understand and visualize the things in our life that are most important.
Many people find that blue apatite helps them to become more aware of the workings of the universe. It’s said that it can help us to perceive and work with each level of consciousness.
Blue apatite can also help us to delve deep within ourselves and access hidden desires and strengths, leading to higher awareness of ourselves.
Blue apatite is said to be a stone of great wisdom and knowledge. Many use it to expand their capacity for learning and exploration; it’s said that this stone is ideal for students and all who seek to gain knowledge and insights. Blue apatite Tumbled Blue Apatitestimulates the intellect and encourages planning and organization.