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Black Xaga Obsidian from Utah


I am pride, I am strength, I am reflection

Revered by ancient civilizations, I am a stone of great strength; I reflect the energy of my surroundings.

 Black Xaga Obsidian from Utah

A fragment, a memory, of times gone by.

Ancient civilizations, proud and noble, stoic;

Like a volcano, fierce.

Like a mountain, immovable.

A volcanic glass, Mother Earth's mirror.

The ancients used me for weaponry.

I am a defender, a warrior. 

The ancients used me as a looking glass.

I am an echo, an impression.

Formed in volcanic anger, yet calm; cool.

An acceptance of what has been, what will be.

Like a mirror, I shine, I reflect;

A mirror image of my surroundings,

A mirror image of you,

A mirror image of me.

I am pride, I am strength, I am reflection. 

I am Xaga Obsidian.

 Black Xaga Obsidian


Origin: Utah, USA