from the Cougar Eye Mine in South Dakota

Extreme protection • Clarity • Grounding

Black Tourmaline and Quartz

Protection • Happiness • Grounding

The most abundant form of tourmaline, black tourmaline is among the most powerful gifts that Mother Earth bestows on us. With its deep color and even energy, this crystal can be used to protect us from negativity and toxicity. It’s known for its cleansing and purifying energies. Many use black tourmaline to stimulate their sense of compassion, selflessness, and service, and to promote creativity in a practical way.
In general, tourmaline is one of Mother Earth’s most abundant and versatile crystals.
With its wide variety of colors and forms, this stone’s abilities can be used in countless situations. Originally mistaken in the 1500s as a variety of emerald, tourmaline comes in colors all across the rainbow and can be found throughout the world.
This stone comes from the US, Brazil, China, and Sri Lanka. Interestingly, tourmaline is pyroelectric; it used to be called the Sri Lankan Magnet because of its ability to repel hot ashes.
Translated from the Singhalese term “turamali,” this stone means “something small from the earth.”
Tourmaline is known for its powers in enhancing understanding and acceptance. Many use this crystal to delve deep within themselves and explore their innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires. With tourmaline, we can better understand ourselves and others, and increase our sense of compassion for the world.
This crystal is said to attract inspiration and prosperity. Many use tourmaline to increase their creativity, and to boost their productivity in all aspects of their lives. It’s said to enhance the imagination and help to turn thoughts into ideas.
Known for its power in development, tourmaline can help to promote emotional and spiritual growth. It’s said that this crystal relieves feelings of tension and anger, and develops higher emotional intelligence. Tourmaline can help to promote confidence and self worth, and enhances our ability to serve others.