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I am mystery, I am abundance, I am life

With the abundant beauty of the sea, I am a stone of graceful mystery; I symbolize boundless life. 


There is much to be said of the sea.

Mother Earth's mirror,

The vastness of her waters,

Birthplace of life and of mystery.

I am born of the ocean,

A single droplet of a grand sea.

A stone of shifting waters,

Of the sparkle of sunlight upon the waves.

My color is pale,

Like the sea in the early morning.

But my paleness adds to my beauty.

You must search for my color;

Like the ocean, my loveliness is both without

And within.

There is an abundance in oceans.

A boundless bounty, of beauty, of life.

I, too, am boundless,

Carrying the energy of the ocean's majesty.

I am mystery. I am abundance. I am life.

I am Aquamarine.