Angel Hair Quartz (Rutilated Quartz)


I am divinity, I am power, I am guidance

Sometimes known as Venus hair, I symbolize great power and guidance. My beauty is both divine and inspiring.

Angel Hair Quartz Rutilated

Through my body runs fine strands,

Gold as sunsets, streaks of light.

They call it Venus hair, angel hair;

Within me runs the beauty of divinity.

Within me runs the power of angels.

I cradle these inclusions,

Delicate strands of rutile.

Perhaps they are impurities,

But I am more beautiful for them.

Perhaps they are flaws--

But they are divine flaws.

Like Venus and the angels I'm named for,

I carry beauty and power within me.

I am divinity, I am power, I am guidance.

I am Angel Hair Quartz.