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Malachite — Properties, Uses, and More!

Green and lovely as springtime, I am a symbol of the beauty and power nature has to offer.

Various forms of Malachite

Malachite is one of the most beautiful and powerful stones that Mother Earth has to offer. Its bright, soothing green color is an amazing reminder of the beauty and power of nature. This stone can help you connect with nature and the earth itself.

This lovely stone is named for the mallow plant because of its resemblance to the deep green leaves. Malachite has been used for millennia; Neolithic-age malachite mines still exist in Britain and Israel to this day! Ancient Egyptians believed this stone to be a symbol of both life and death; they called their paradise “Field of Malachite.” Countless civilizations used this beautiful stone as ornamental decor and as gemstones. It was even ground up and used as green pigment!

You can use malachite to ground and center yourself. Malachite is said to be associated with nature, and can thus help you connect to the earth and all her gifts. With this stone, you can be firmly planted in the physical world while seeking to better understand the emotional and physical.

Malachite is known for its powerful protective properties. It’s said to ward away danger, as well as emotional toxicity and negativity. This stone can protect you from the chaos of life, and allows you to move forward on your journey with confidence, strength, and independence.

Polished Malachite

I am Growth, I am Hope, I am Serenity

Green as deepest pine,
Shades of forest, lakes, jungles.
You could get lost in my vivid color.
Like bubbles, like boiling,
My green moves and swirls.
I am a walk through the woods,
The sunlight through leafy canopies.
I am a boat ride over a green lake,
The reflection of pines in the water.
I am sprigs of mint, fields of clover
And chrysanthemum.
The soft sprawling grass, the unfurling buds,
The first awakenings of springtime—
All collected and contained
Between my own leafy layers.
I am growth. I am hope. I am serenity.
I am Malachite.